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Portfolio :: Commercial Projects

Elemental F/W 2023

Designs for Fashion

I had the privilege of working with leather crafter, Eric Noll, on his senior thesis project based on the four classical elements, for NYC's Fashion Institute of Technology, . Click to see more.


Cornwall Coffee Co.

& Mercantile

Advertising Design

Since 2020, I've had the opportunity to design many advertisements for this exceptional small business that hearkens to the shopping experiences of yesteryear but with a modern twist. Click to see more.


Chamber of Commerce

Tourism Map

As part of its initiative to encourage tourism to the Town of Highlands, NY, the chamber of commerce hired me to create original artwork for, and to design, a fold-out map and signage. Click to see more.


Bird's Creations

Logo & Packaging Design

Initially, I was commissioned to create the logo for a small company specializing in soy candles and vegan-friendly body products. As the business grew, I was then hired to design and create the packaging for their entire line. Click to see more.

Brid's Closet

Metaphysical Shop

Event Branding

In 2017, Brid's Closet held its 10th Annual Beltane Spring Festival. As it was the event's tenth anniversary, I helped to organize and brand the day-long celebration. Click to see more.


The Spiritspiders

Music Packaging

In 2005 I designed the artwork for the German rock band's second demo. That initiated a near decade-long working relationship which found me creating the artwork and packaging for every one of the group's releases thereafter. Click to see more.

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