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The Spiritspiders

Music Packaging

My work for The Spiritspiders wasn't my first venture into designing for the music industry but it had been one of my favorites and, in my opinion, some of my best work. A testament to how the Internet has truly come to connect us all together, Frank (in Germany) and I (in the USA) met over 15 years ago on a music message board and have collaborated and supported each others artistic journeys ever since. He gave me the opportunity to create artwork for his second demo, "Juno", back in 2005 and after that I created the visuals for every Spiders release to date.


While the band hasn't released new music since 2013, you never really know when The Spiritspiders will surprise us and weave another sonic web.


A Voice in the Sky (2012) :: 12" vinyl packaging

MP3 singles (2010-2014)

EPs & Albums (2009 / 2013)

Jupiter Rising (2009) :: CD packaging

Pantheon Demos (2005-2007) :: CD packaging

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