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Cornwall Arts Collective

2018 - 2024


In the spring of 2018, I had attended an Art Walk arranged by the Goshen Art League. I was there not only to check out the annual event for the first time but also to solicit other creators for a small arts market I was organizing in the summer. Inspired by that evening of community and networking with fellow creatives, I decided to form an arts group for the Town of Cornwall, NY, as there wasn't one at that time.

Aside from hosting members meetings, organizing group exhibitions and makers markets, I was also responsible for creating the identity and branding of the group. The logo was created before I even announced the group's formation! And so, all of the advertising, web graphics, printed material and website were designed by me.


I was director of CAC until October of 2019 when another member took on the role. However, I remained a member and continued to offer my graphic design services for the benefit of the group.


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Highlands Arts Alliance


2021 - 2024

Wanting to give back to my hometown of Highland Falls, NY, I decided to found Highlands Arts Alliance in the spring of 2021. Like Cornwall previously, there was no formal arts group in the Town of Highlands despite there being no lack of creative individuals. So I collaborated with Fort Montgomery, NY, photographer Karen Parashkevov to lay the foundations of the new group. Parashkevov founded the Highlands Photography Salon soon thereafter and it became an ongoing program in partnership with HAA.

Again, as director, I was responsible for creating the identity and branding of the group. Whether it was to promote group shows, makers markets or events, I once again provided my design services.

Eventually, Highlands Arts Alliance and Cornwall Arts Collective merged in 2024 to become the Cornwall-Highlands Arts Alliance.


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Cornwall-Highlands Arts Alliance


2024 - present

Regardless of their separation by Storm King Mountain, the Cornwall and Highlands communities have always been interconnected. Over time CAC and HAA began to share a number of members and would invite all members from both groups to participate in their respective exhibitions and cultural events. So it was only natural that both groups would eventually join together, unified in their shared mission to support the Arts, promote member artists and help to enhance the quality of community life with the Arts. Thus, Cornwall Arts Collective and Highlands Arts Alliance merged in January of 2024 to become the Cornwall-Highlands Arts Alliance.

While I had initiated the merger, I am not the director of the group. Although, once again I designed the logo, website and promotional material.


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