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UPDATES :: Just a quick note

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And thank you for stopping by.


Because I can no longer rely on social media platforms to reach my audience I've decided to focus that time and energy on my website. Not only does it allow for greater control of my work but I'm no longer feeling the pressure to create free content for (and to enrich) Meta in order to stay relevant. Many creators have been struggling to appease the almighty algorithm for years and a lot of us are, frankly, sick of that shit.


So I wanted to leave a note about what you can expect from me going forward. There will be a blog, a monthly newsletter and, eventually, exclusive content available only to those who sign-up for said newsletter.


Please bear with me as I fine-tune things, but for those who are interested in my work I hope to make your time and attention worth it!

“Magicians & Mystics” is a magical collection of digital and mixed media illustrations populated with wizards, witches and the supernatural. Featuring a selection of work spanning thirteen years, one of the highlights is the inclusion of the artwork for my entire R.M. Tarot deck, not available since 2014.

  • 6" x 9"

  • 74 Pages

  • Full Color

  • Hardcover or Paperback

Printed by


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ORDER NOW :: "Magicians & Mystics" art book

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