I remember it was a chilly fall evening on NY's Fifth Avenue, when in 2011 Tristâme's Rami said he'd like me to create artwork for a future musical project. Two years later I had that opportunity when he released Common Ground, a 4-song EP he wrote about the conflict in his native Syria:


"The crisis in Syria and the urgent need for help and resources was the motivation to compose a 4-song digital EP based on themes connected to Syria, personal experiences, its past and hope for its people’s future. As the title of the EP implies, the intention of the collection is to find a common ground far away from politics and conflict."

— Common Ground press release

I was very much on board to be a part of this project and all proceeds from the sales of the album were donated to organizations assisting refugees of the Syrian crisis. Since then I've created artwork for his latest singles.


Visit Tristâme's website to check out the music.

Singles: The Deceiving Sun project (2016 / 2017 / 2019)

Common Ground (2013)


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