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Commercial Services

With over 20 years of graphic design experience, I'm available to help bring your commercial project to fruition. Whether you are a small business or non-profit organization, an independent musician or even a fellow artist, I'm confident my ideas, knowledge and skillset can be an asset to your success.

If you are interested in learning more, contact me using the form below. Please include as much information as you can regarding the project you'd like my help with and I will let you know how I can be of assistance.

Fine Art Commissions

Prices and options as of August 31, 2021:

Black & White digital drawings:
5” x 7” -- $95
8.5” x 11” -- $200

Color digital drawings:
5” x 7” -- $195
8.5” x 11” -- $285


Digital drawings will be provided as high resolution image files that you may print at your convenience. Estimated turnaround: 2 weeks

Black & White ink drawings on paper:
5” x 7” -- $115 (+$10 if framed)
9” x 12” --
$215 (+$15 if framed)
Estimated turnaround: 2-3 weeks

Color drawings on paper:
5” x 7” -- $150 (+$10 if framed)
9” x 12” --
$285 (+$15 if framed)
Estimated turnaround: 3-4 weeks

I am willing to create larger works - contact me using the form below for a quote.

Terms & Conditions

Availability: Digital drawings are available to clients worldwide, paper drawings to USA residents/addresses only.

Payment: A non-refundable deposit is required before I begin work. However, this deposit is applied towards the remaining balance of the cost which is due upon completion of the work. Why is it non-refundable? Because if you decide to cancel your commission once I begin or for whatever reason you no longer want it, I keep the deposit amount as compensation for the work I’ve already done. The remaining balance is due upon completion and before delivery of the work.

Turnaround: Please be aware that turnaround times are estimates and I cannot guarantee pieces will be completed earlier than the date I give you, though I strive to get the work done sooner when possible. The time it takes to complete a work depends on the size and complexity of the art requested - larger and more detailed works will take more time than smaller, simpler ones.

Commissions are for personal enjoyment and may not be used for commercial purposes. If you wish to hire me to create art for commercial use, please see my "Commercial Services" above.


I reserve the right to use commissioned work for promotional purposes (portfolio, social media, etc.) and will not resell.

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